Creative Uses For Paper Straws

17/04/2015 0 Comment(s) Party Supplies,

I'm amazed, really amazed at the creativity of folks.  It seems that each idea is better than the other, so I went on a bit of a "treasure" hunt of sorts, so see what all one can do with our beautiful paper straws.

I must say, I'm amazed.  Really Amazed.  (Oh I guess I've said that already)

Here are a few ideas that I really like:

Cake Pops:  Take your favorite color (or multi colors) and cut the straws in half.  Use them for the cake pop stick.  Easy and absolutely adorable. 
Wreaths:  Featured in magazines as a great crafting idea, are paperstraw wreaths.  Pretty simple to make, but looks fantastic.  Stick to a color palette, cut straws at different lengths, and you're pretty much set.  Have fun!
Straw Painting:  Now here's a great idea.  Keep kids busy during those long summer months.  Pour some paints into an egg carton, have the kids dip the straw ends (not too deep) and press, creating come unique pictures.   Please send us some of your creations, I can't wait to see what the little minds come up with!
Crafting:   Ok, there is so much to do with paper straws other than drinking.  (but you could do that too!)  Cover an old picture frame with straws, and voila, you have a beautiful, unique looking frame.
As decorations: Cut straws into pieces, and string along with wooden beads in turn, and you'll have a wonderful party or even Christmas tree decorations.
Animal outlines:  How creative!  Use our black and white striped for Zebras, Yellows for ducks, pastles for Easter Bunnies. 

Oh, the endless possibilites!

We could go on and on.  Of course, sticking a Straw into one of our Mason Jars with a Daisy Cut Lid for party drinks is the simplest idea, and oh, so cute!


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