Mason Jar Decorating Ideas

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It wasn't too long ago that I had hardly even heard of a Mason Jar.  Now I simply can't get enough of them.  Big, small, tall or stubby, each jar holds a whole new level of creativity for me. 

All the mason jars we buy are Made in the USA, so we feel good about helping our own economy.  The creativity is also "Made in the USA" so it's a double high-five!

Painting mason jars have been a bit of an experimentation.  Some spray paints works like a charm, others chip.  So, here's our scoop.  Rustnoleum spray-paint seems to work the best.  We had a can of black gloss Rustnoleum laying around, and thought: "Hey, why not".  And it worked like a charm.  Since we only sprayed the outside of the jar, it is still safe to put flowers in or hold all our wonderful pens and pencils.  

To avoid those nasty paint runs, we propped up a rake in the back yard, and put the jar over the rake handle.  Then sprayed short strokes, and it turned out perfectly.  So well, in fact, that one cannot tell if it was made like that or we did it.  A very happy ending to an experiment. 

I also noticed that the Rustnoleum adds a smooth layer and it does not chip off.  Other spray paints we tried seemed to chip very easily.  We're still experimenting with adding a top clear coat to see if that will help in the chipping department.
We have also seen other creative people and they actually "age" the bottle with fine sandpaper, so that it doesn't matter if there's a couple of chips.  I like the mat chalkboard Mason Jar Look.

Other than painting, decorating a jar is just as much fun.  The possibilities are endless. We tried our hand at creating pincushion top Mason Jars, and they turned out absolutely adorable!  But that's another blog for another day. 

We also sourced and sell Daisy Cut Lids for all our Mason Jars.  They are simply adorable.  The middle hole in the daisy, fits our paper straws perfectly, so for your next party, why not mask off the side of a Mason Jar, and paint at least 5-6 light coats of Chalk Board paint to create a Chalk Board Label.  Let your guests add their name and a straw and you'll have some amazing comments on your creativity.  We also sell a wonderful collection of Chalk Board stickers that work wonderfully as well. 

We found yet another amazing use for Mason Jars.  We fill them with a wonderful Lavender Epson Bath Salt.  Decorating the bottle with rugged twine and metal decals, top it with a daisy cut lid, and you have yourself a wonderful Uniik gift!  (You could also buy one for yourself, you're allowed, we won't tell anybody!)

So, the list goes on and on.  I'm sure we'll try yet something else with another jar here soon, and will share our happy and not so happy moments with you!
Happy Mason Jarring!


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